Description :


Item NO: L - 3060 Rubber Mud Flap

Specification :

Product Name Rubber Mud Flap
Item No. L-3060
SIZE 30X60cm
Thickness 1/4inches (6mm)
Material Natural Rubber +EPDM Rubber
accessories 12pcs of Bolts / Nuts /per pair 2pc of Iron metal Plates /per pair
Can chose 1 color printing logo (printing range 10x25cm)
Packaging 2pcs/pairs/ Polybag
Weight N.W 25.0kgs/G.W27.0kgs
CU.FT / MEAS 10pairs/ 0.93feet
Survey Report
density g/cm³(Unit of measurement) / DIN 53479(Norm of measurement) / 1.55(Longe Hsuen Co., Ltd.)
hardness Shore A(Unit of measurement) / DIN 53505(Norm of measurement) / 70º~80º(Longe Hsuen Co., Ltd.)
tear steadiness N /mm²(Unit of measurement) / DIN 53504(Norm of measurement) / 7.3(Longe Hsuen Co., Ltd.)
tear extension % (Unit of measurement) / DIN 53504(Norm of measurement) / 202 (Longe Hsuen Co., Ltd.)
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